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At The Purple Cow we pride ourselves in making individual and unusual handmade jewellery that you can’t buy on the High Street! The right jewellery not only finishes off an outfit – it can sometimes make it!

Using a variety of techniques and incorporating different materials ranging from hand made glass beads to hammered wire, we like to make jewellery and accessories that you will love to wear and are sure to be noticed in.

Most of our pieces are ‘one-off’ designs which we have handmade and therefore cannot be replicated, so you are sure to be wearing something that is as unique and individual as you are! However, we may be able to make something similar or even in a different colour. If there is something in particular that you have in mind, please feel free to email us. We will always try to answer any enquiry within 24 hours.

All of our items will be purchasable via the shopping cart but in the meantime if there is something you are interested in please email us on info@thepurplecowjewellery.co.uk and let us know what you are interested in and we can send you a paypal invoice or if you prefer youcould send us a cheque/postal order.

All items will be sent via Royal Mail’s Recorded Delivery in the UK and will be £3.00 for up to £40 and over £40 will be free delivery. For international orders please email us with your order (do not process via paypal) and we will weigh the items and email you back with a cost for P&P and then if you are happy with the cost we can send you a paypal invoice.



The Rare Beauty In Sapphire Rings

Overall it is basic practice for a kid to propose to his young lady with a wedding band. In the western nations, young men by and large do it with a sapphire wedding band. This has been the long-standing custom took after by young men in the western nations. The antiquated Greeks, with their own particular form of the binding ring, which is given just before marriage is solemnized, began this custom. We now know these rings as “Engagement Rings” which are then followed by “Wedding Rings” for the official ceremony to consummate marriage. Nowadays gemstone wedding rings are particularly rare, unless they are in fact diamond set. Diamond-set rings have created a global trend across the world, making appearances in engagement and eternity rings, and even mens wedding bands. Be that as it may, the giving of this ring does not mean a marriage as a ‘sapphire ring’ can be given to a decent companion as a birthday present. It was the Romans who started the custom of giving these sapphire rings with a specific end goal to tell the to be lady the groom’s expectations.


It was in the medieval time in the year 1215, which the Pope Innocent III initiated a compulsory holding up period starting at engagement and set up to marriage. This was anointed as the genuine time of engagement. Amid this time, a conviction flourished that a sapphire’s shading would experience a change if a tainted and untruthful individual wore it. This conviction obviously was not

A Replica of Kate Middleton's Diana Sapphire Ring.

A Replica of Kate Middleton’s Diana Sapphire Ring.

tried, but rather it was gone on from eras back. It is additionally regularly said that the constancy of the wives of the Crusaders was tried with sapphires when their spouses returned after their battles.


Starting today, the notoriety of a sapphire ring has stayed in place. It is viewed as an adornment of incredible quality, which is worn by either famous people or individuals who are known openly for their riches. The most acclaimed sapphire ring possessed by Kate Middleton is right now in the news. In the same way as other different rings fitting in with acclaimed proprietors, it has expanded in quality with time. This ring was purchased by Prince Charles for woman Diana in the year 1981 for 28,000 GBP. This bit of gems comprises of 14 solitaire precious stones encompassing a 12 carat oval blue Ceylon sapphire, set in 18-carat white gold. It is currently esteemed at 300,000 GBP.


This staggering sparkler sits on a rundown of 20 different renowned rings, submitted in the request of gratefulness in their qualities after some time. There are numerous different rings which decorate VIP fingers, which are likewise a piece of this rundown. Genuinely talking, wearing a sapphire ring empowers a superstar to create an impression in broad daylight circles. It conveys the message that they are doing admirably or that they have distinguished companions who are doing exceptionally well. The account of Kate Middleton is one such.


Deal For Diamonds

diamonds-testers-toolsBuying diamonds could be interesting and puzzling. Whether such as an address or you are contemplating something exclusive of diamonds for someone special oneself, take some time to master the conditions found in the industry. Here’s some data to help you have the best-quality costly jewelry to your income, whether you’re buying in mortar shop along with a typical packet or online.

There is a stone importance dependent on four conditions: cut, shade, and karat. Coloring along with the understanding of the rock tend to be ranked. However, devices are multiform: a right type of “slightly involved” may represent on the subject of the conditions found in the size, a grade that’s distinct from the same certifying program versus another. Be sure in addition to of the diamond you are contemplating or you know how category plus a certain degree symbolize understanding. A diamond could be called “superb” so long as it is intrinsic disorders or no noticeable exterior when considered under 10- move with a skilled rock grader.

As with different diamonds, stone weight typically is explained in karats. Stone weight could be identified in decimal or fractional regions of a karat. If the fat is presented in decimal components of a karat, the amount should be actual to the- decimal place. Like, “.30 karat” might represent a rock that weighs between.295 -.304 karat. Stone fat is identified by some shops in parts and make use of the fraction to represent an array of loads. As an example, a rock referred to as 1/2 karat may consider between.47 -.54 karat. Two things must be exposed by the store: if diamond weight is claimed as fractional elements of a carat, and in addition fat for every single piece or the weight tolerance inexpensive range getting used the weight is not exact.

Some diamonds could be addressed to improve their look in equivalent ways as jewels that were different. Since the quality of the rock improves some merchants refer to them. One sort of treatment – crack stuffing – covers breaks in diamonds by filling them utilizing a hazardous content. This filling might nondurable, and you should be notified by jewelers in the case the stone you are considering is still crack-filled.

Another treatment – lasering – involves a laser use to improve diamonds that have black inclusions or pots’ look. A laser light is aimed at the product. Acid is subsequently expected through a teeny tube produced by the laser to eradicate the launch. Lasering is lasting plus a laser – rock that’s drilled does not need specific therapy.

Though a laser- a stone that is usually dug takes place as lovely as being a forgotten treasure that is relevant, it could not be helpful. That’s because a forgotten jewel of exactly the same quality is so more valuable and rarer. Jewelers should inform you if the diamond you’re contemplating has been lasered.

Specific laboratory made treasures, including lab-developed moissanite, additionally resemble rocks and could not be efficiently recognized in the resources used to determine cubic zirconia. Request your jeweler if he’s the present evaluation equipment to differentiate between other laboratory and also diamonds – pebbles that might be made.